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SoftChalk supports the SCORM standard. SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a set of technical specifications developed to support the creation of interoperable, accessible and reusable web-based learning content. The SCORM standards are a work-in-progress, with development led by the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL), working in cooperation with a number of government, industry and academic organizations.

SoftChalk packages your lesson in either a standard zip format or in SCORM format. If you package your lesson using the SCORM format, you can re-use your content in any learning management system that supports SCORM (with no need to revise the content). Additionally, the SCORM standards allow your content to work automatically with specific components of the course management system (for example the gradebook), and to track whether a student has completed the lesson.

In the future, as the SCORM standard is further developed, additional integrations between a SCORM conformant lesson and Learning Management Systems will become available.

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